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Meet NOVA Women's Choral Project

We are a new women’s choral ensemble in Greater Boston that uses innovative choral experiences to raise awareness of issues that impact both women and our communities. Our project-based structure employs a variety of group configurations and rehearsal models, which offers flexibility for the time commitment of our singers. We offer musical and leadership opportunities for women; a means to strengthen our communities through collaboration; a commitment to expand the canon of women’s choral repertoire through the commission of new works; and the pursuit of musical excellence within a warm, vibrant group of singers.

Through our choral projects - programming about a particular topic, theme or issue - we hope to tell important stories, often in collaboration with local organizations. Our projects and programming will speak to a variety of audience members: choral music enthusiasts, proponents of social justice and community building, or people interested in a specific cause or topic we are exploring. We want to tell our stories in ways and in locations that both serve our listeners and highlight our commonalities.

​We believe in the power and strength of women’s voices -  both in music and our communities, and we delight in sharing our collective song with others. We believe that a diverse, multicultural, multiracial community enriches an ensemble and its music making, and we strive to foster a diverse and inclusive community in our own organization and through our projects. NOVA welcomes women regardless of race, sexual orientation, past gender identity, culture, religion, disability, or educational, financial or class status. 

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